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We listen and learn!

At Eventspark, we work with clients planning events from all across the board: Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, corporate fundraisers, and more. We excel at accommodating any and all types of events and clients.

Do you want top hits and high energy music at your next party? Do you prefer

more relaxed and mellow vibes? Our personalized consultations are designed for us to get to know you, our client, and understand all your event needs. Whatever ambiance you prefer, we will ensure it happens. We pride ourselves on our diverse music selection and ability to mold to any request.

We recognize how memorable special events can be and how attention to detail takes an event from a “good time” to something your guests will talk about for months to come. Thus, our consultations are more than just getting to know your music preference; we learn your demographic and the message you plan to convey through your event. Our goal is to make your dream aesthetic a reality. Our Eventspark team is dedicated to really getting to know you and making connections that will last far beyond the initial event.

We hope you know that when you hire Eventspark for your next event – we come to you not just as hired DJ’s, but as community members, friends and family.


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